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NWGA Limited Breed Show

August 30, 2010

Group Placements under Judge Ms. R. J. Biddle ESQ

Group First:
Rottweiler, GCH CH Cammcastle's Friar Tuck
Owner: A. O'Brien, V. O'Brien


Group Second:
Neapolitan Mastiff, GCH CH Bruno Della Vecchia Roma
Owner: J. Wolf

Group Third:
Great Dane, CH Zarlin Ace-Hi's Little GTO
Owner: M. Herman, J. Herman

Group Fourth:
Mastiff, GCH CH Jadems Rythm-N-Boo
Owner: T. Woods

Best Junior Handler:
Sherry Wuetherich, Mastiff

Bred By Exhibitor Group Placements

BBE Group First:
Samoyed, Elfenbein Gran Torino
Breeder: J. Shea, E. Shea; Owner: J. Richardson, M. Richardson


BBE Group Second:
Siberian Husky, Fanta C's Meant To Be
Breeder/Owner: J. Brewer

BBE Group Third:
Great Dane, Ace-Hi's You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Breeder/Owner: M. Herman, J. Herman

BBE Group Fourth:
Standard Schnauzer, Jordan Harper Of Kingsview
Breeder/Owner: K. Maytag, S. Lambert

Best of Breed Placements

Akita: GCH CH Cas Cobo Haul Eudora
Owner C. Smith, R. Moore, C. Moore

Alaskan Malamute: GCH CH North Face Ixa Takka Bow
Owner A. Welch, R. Roffey, C. Uraynar

Bernese Mountain Dog: GCH CH Liebenhund's Who's Your Daddy
Owner R. Jacksic, B. Bych

Black Russian Terrier: Tamarack's Dark Demon
Owner T. Russo

Boxer: GCH CH Trademark's Follow Me Boy's
Owner P. Farrington, C. Renard

Bullmastiff: Tondra N Will O Way Going Rogue At Altitude
Owner G. Spong

Doberman Pinscher: GCH CH Ravenwoods N Vondura's Relentless
Owner M. Dependahl, K. Fox

Giant Schnauzer: Riesenrad's No Limits RN
Owner M. Callery, T. Ahlgren

Great Dane: CH Zarlin Ace-Hi's Little Gto
Owner M. Herman, J. Herman

Great Pyrenees: Tip 'N Chip's Ice Bear King
Owner C. Kruzan, D. Kruzan

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Cabro Cinco Sudnly
Owner B. Stomberg, D. Campeau

Kuvasz: CH Mattiaci High Voltage At Glacier Creek
Owner D. Blank

Mastiff: GCH CH Jadems Rythm-N-Boo
Owner T. Woods

Neapolitan Mastiff: GCH CH Bruno Della Vecchia Roma
Owner J. Wolf

Newfoundland: CH Brooksides Legends Live On
Owner W. Gascoigne, D. Gascoigne

Portuguese Water Dog: GCH CH Spyglass's Legend Of Bahia
Owner M. Rembleske

Rottweiler: GCH CH Cammcastle's Friar Tuck
Owner: A. O'Brien, V. O'Brien

Saint Bernard: Kings Mill Yoko
Owner T. Kenworthy, L. Wilson

Samoyed: CH Que Sera's Mcdreamy
Owner L. Chapman, L. Mackai, K. Mackai

Siberian Husky: Simons Pes-t Boy
Owner J. Berning

Standard Schnauzer: CH Sketchbook Lunar Eclipse
Owner E. Holle

Photos © Photos by Susan and Lennah

©2017 NWGA